Studio A

CRA-Duality Front1.jpg

Studio A is a large format, self contained, flagship studio within the B-24 Studios facility

  • Control Room - 34’ x 22’

  • Live Room - 53’ x 32”

    • Petrof Concert Grand Piano

  • ISO 1 - 11’ x 12’

  • ISO 2 - 11’ x 12’

  • ISO 3 - 12’ x 14’

Studio B


B-24 Studio B is a self contained studio within the B-24 facility.

  • Control Room - 25’ x 17’

    • Rupert Neve Designs Centerpiece 5060 + Satellite 5059

  • Live Room - 34’ x 17’

Guitar Room


It looks like an art gallery, but these instruments aren’t for just for display, they are for artists to use. Stacked with 40 or so of the most badass guitars and basses for your playing (or viewing) pleasure.



Everyone needs to get away from the working areas from time to time. The lounge is a great place for that. It includes a kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave and dedicated ice maker because Josh requires impurity free ice cubes. Oh yeah, there is also a TV with gaming consoles incoming.