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B-24 Studios is A commercial audio recording and production facility in Kansas City, Missouri.

B-24 Studios is an audio recording and production facility located downtown, in the Westside neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. Our 9,000 square foot facility consists of two main studios, lounge, guitar room as well as an event space (The Hangar). B-24 is outfitted with a wide array of world-class equipment that includes not just analog and digital outboard gear, but also an extensive collection of boutique guitars, amplifiers, drums and keyboards.

What we would want in a recording studio

Like most everyone involved the art of music making, we started our journey as artists just like you. We wrote, recorded, toured, partied and some of us still do all of the above. Okay, maybe we don't party as much as we used to…. As things progressed, we recorded music in a variety of places. From homegrown, pieced together studios to "professional" facilities. Many times, we weren't satisfied with the result. Like many musicians today, we took matters into our own hands. We learned more about the production and recording process, we bought gear, and we started to do it ourselves.

Don't get us wrong, along the way we have been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic people in some stellar recording studios. People that delivered what they promised and then some. People that could bring out the best in artists. Most importantly, people that cared about the music they were helping to bring to life and the artists that created it.

B-24 Studios is our opportunity to pay forward the incredible experiences from the studios and people that changed our lives. We've taken the things we loved and magnified them. We've removed the things that didn't work. We’ve even come up with some new ideas that we have never tried before. Our mission is to bring out the best in artists without compromise. If we're involved in your project, we are "all in". We will do everything within our power and beyond to make your experience and the music you create here the absolute best it can be.